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Canadian Badlands - Drumheler, Alberta
July 2012,  my feet trod the land of Canada and I knew that a new adventure was starting. 
I was excited and yet scared of the unknown. It has been five and a half year that I live here now and I cannot believe how time went so fast ! Maybe it is because I have been so busy and I did so many things.

I have improved my english, I have worked at different jobs and somehow I landed where I always wanted to be, I have cried, I travelled, I explored Canada, I sometimes forgot what I was doing here, I made new friends from so many different countries, I learned to Trust God, I could not imagine being able to live under - 30 degres, I learned a new culture, I found myself in places I could not imagine, I tried new foods... 

Thanks to my big sister Delia for challenging, boosting and supporting me. Twelve years ago I was the kind of girl that was scared of the world and people, and today I talk to strangers hahah funny!
May God bless Canada, this Country that treats immigrants well, not based on race, skin color, religion... a country that gave me (and many people) good opportunities in life. 
I am truly thankful to live here despite the harsh winters.
You just have to focus on the most important things, right?
What is your favorite city in Canada?

Photos by me - instagram : @theblossommuse
Teepee at Stampede Park - Calgary, Alberta
Lake Louise - Banff National Park, Alberta
Kelowna, British Columbia
The Bow - Calgary, Alberta
Downtown Calgary
Vancouver, British Columbia 
Winter in Montreal, Quebec
Sunset at Mount Royal Observatory - Montreal, Quebec
Notre Dame basilica - Montreal, Quebec
Old Quebec
Canada Day 2017 - Ottawa, Ontario
Chateau Frontenac - Quebec City
Stampede Park - Calgary, Alberta
Calgary Tower
Lake Louise, Banff
Centre Street Bridge - Calgary, Alberta

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