This Summer I decided to spend my holidays in France to reconnect with that country I used to belong and also discover the places I did not have a chance to visit before moving to Canada. I enjoyed my solo trip from Paris to Bordeaux, Dune of Pilat and ended the journey in the French Basque Country, precisely in Biarritz.

Why Biarritz? If you have been reading my blog from the beginning, you probably noticed that I love the ocean and the Surfing culture. About 15 miles up the Atlantic coast from the border with Spain, Biarritz is the birthplace of Surfing in Europe in the 50's.  My first day in the city was the start of the ISA World Surfing Games.
A few things I recommend ;
- Take a Surf lesson 
- Walk along the beaches from the lighthouse to the Rocher de la Vierge (Rock of the Virgin) 
- Visit the Old Port and the trendy shops around
-  Go to the Aquarium
- Learn about the story of Hôtel du Palais built by Napoleon III in the 19th century
- Visit La Cité de l'Ocean (website)

-  La Grande Plage is the main beach of the town. Located in front of the Casino.
- Plage du Vieux Port as the name mentions it, it is located in the Old Port.
- Plage Miramar is situated between the lighthouse and Hotel du Palais.
- Plage Marbella is located to the south of this seaside destination toward Hendaye. 
- Plage Milady is about 500m south of Vieux Port, Bus 10 or 13 heading south will get there.
More details here 

Plage du Vieux port
La Grande Plage

Biarritz is an expensive town, the price of the accommodation is high and the minimum cost for a meal in a restaurant is around 15 euros. However the bus costs 1 euro and you can reach other towns nearby like Hossegor, Anglet, ... If you carry surfboards with you, I recommend renting a car otherwise you can rent a surfboard next to your beach.

Photos by me
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  1. France is an amazing tourist destination with ostentatious landmarks & attractions. A France Visa is all it takes to get to this astounding traveler’s paradise.

  2. A really nice place in France where I am from.

  3. The best type of beginners surfboard depends on different factors. How often you will be surfing, your fitness levels, whether you need to look cool etc. Best go back and read the both the beginner board pages again.
    Soft boards, longboards, minimals and pop-outs are all great beginners boards
    Shortboards are not such a great beginner board for the average surfer.

  4. Loved reading through your adventures! So many places to visit, but we went for a family holiday by car and really enjoyed it. By the way, gorgeous photos!


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