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In this digital world we live in, we constantly find ourselves taking photos with our mobile phones and cameras. Our storage/ memory cards are full of memories that we rarely look back to and one day when our phone happens to crash, it feels like doom day.
I have been collecting so many photographs these past ten years, and it is just since last year that I have decided to start printing my memories. 
I discovered this amazing printing company called Parabo press and I fell in love with their Instagram account. A few weeks later they had a good deal and I decided to give it a try.
I ordered my 4'' square prints and I am satisfied with how they came up.
Displaying them in my home reminds me how much I have been blessed in my Life.
It is so easy to forget things because we are constantly in the chase of the next adventures, but let's always take a moment to pause, contemplate our lives and be grateful for every moment.
If you want to order your FREE 4'' square prints as well, find the website HERE and don't forget to leave a comment below once you get your prints :)


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