I love the word "Creative". But what is CREATIVITY?
"The divine relationship between a human being and the mysteries of inspiration." Elizabeth Gilbert #BigMagic

Creativity is a gift from God, who himself is the biggest creative being in the universe. 
Being a creative person is being a visionary. I believe that every human being is born creative however during the process of growing up some lose it meanwhile other cultivate it.
Handmade postal cards
Going back home in the Republic of the Congo last month was delightful. One of my favorite moments in Pointe-Noire was visiting the local artisans, artists and crafters and converse with them. They have so many stories to tell and so much expertise to learn from; like the type of woods they use, the name of stones they shape, the technics,... I could spend the whole day listening to them. 
Living life in color!
A painter and I in front of La Poste
Plenty of handmade souvenirs / Plein de souvenirs artisanaux
I bought plenty of items that I brought back to Canada for my friends and myself. This was my contribution to support these local artisans and crafters to live from their profession. 
These people do not have proper infrastructures to practice their profession, but they keep doing what they love the most in life. I have so much respect for them as being a crafter or artist doesn't pay much in Africa. 
How Can We Help Them?
I do not have an answer to that question but we can all think about alternatives and come with suggestions.
A few weeks ago I came across a project called Punugoods which is a community that aims to value the work of African artisans, artists and craft lovers. I love the idea as it is also one of my biggest desire. Their slogan is amazing "This is not charity. This is empowerment."
Check their website ! 
Anny, her daughter and I
This is Anny and her daughter. Anny is a tailor, we met her along the road while driving outside of the city around Diosso. My friend and I had the idea to stop and talk to them because it was so random to see them there. Anny was pleased that we asked if we could take some photos of her. Her daughter was amused and started posing like a model. They are so kind!

Photos by Rey Mangouta and I

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  1. Super article sista, très émouvant. Que Dieu vienne en aide au peuple congolais, il mérite tellement mieux

  2. Great article! Always good to share our country's culture.


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