Chasing Light


Chasing light in the Eucalyptus forest on our way to Matombi Beach and Diosso Gorges was a fun adventure. How can we not pull in the car on the side of the road to capture this beauty of nature?
The place is magical like in a fairy tale. You will see tonnes of dead leaves during the dry season (our Autumn is from May to September). Not to mention the perfect alignment of the trees. We took the photos around 5:30 pm during the golden hour.
Congo as so much to offer in term of sceneries, this short road trip made me realise how much I miss living in Pointe-Noire. When I was a kid, my dad used to bring us outside the city for the weekend.
I have a lots of memories at "Bois des singes", "Pont du Kouilou", Diosso Gorges, ...
Thanks to my friend Rey Mangouta for the photos.
It was fun to play with this stick that I found on the ground between the leaves.
Dress and Sandals: Zara 
More about the Congo on my next post where I will share details about places to go, the culture, etc...

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