Last week was officially my six months as a "Montrealer" thus, I thought of writing few lines about my new city MONTREAL.
Province: Quebec, Canada
Old Port
 French is the official language of the province of Quebec, thus Montreal is a French speaking city. However, because of the diversity of people living here, English is spoken everywhere. More than 50% of the population of Montreal speak English. In my case I am both fluent in French and English.
Palais des Congres
Montreal is such a multicultural city, and every nationality mingles very well together. I have never seen a city like that before, and yet I have lived in big cities like Paris. But here you will see multiracial couples you could never imagine. I am glad to be part of this melting pot.
Notre-Dame Basilica - Old Port
They said Winters are very cold here, but surprisingly this year it was warm. 
Currently, we are slowly transitioning to Spring. Sometimes we have some snow and rain, which make Downtown looks horrible with all the slush. I can't wait for the flowers to bloom, it will be so beautiful as usual.
Le Plateau - St Urbain street
Cost of living
The salaries are pretty low here compared to Alberta, and on top of that the taxes are high: Quebec 15% (5%GST +9,97% PST) / Alberta 5% (GST). Shopping is a dilemma for me. On the other hand, renting a place or buying groceries are reasonable price.
Montreal is a vibrant city, there is a lot to do and see (depending on your budget). As everywhere else in the world, if you want to happily live here, you need to have a source of revenue to afford the leisures.
All photos by me: theblossommuse
I've heard Summers are great with several festivals, particularly music festivals. I will update you more about the city. Stay tuned to know what to do and see in Montreal.

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