8 Staple Items You Should Have For Fall


I can't believe my eyes we are already mid-September, time goes extremely fast. I am going to miss Summer a lot but I am also happy for this new season. Fall is a beautiful season, and I like the trends that come with it. So today I want to share with you, my top 8 staple items you should have in your wardrobe for the Fall.

1. A Leather Biker Jacket

I know it is quite expensive to get a leather jacket but, believe me you need one in you wardrobe. It brings so much attitude to your look, I feel like a badass whenever I wear mine. 
You can pair it with dresses, skirts, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, etc...
I got mine on sales on Asos few years ago and they currently have plenty of them on sales right nos. Check here.
River Island Jacket

2. A pair of ankle boots 

This is absolutely a must have, I love ankle boots so much!
Source: Sincerely J.

3. A Fedora

As you already know from this previous post, I love hats particularly fedoras. I just think it is a perfect piece for Fall, it adds so much style to your look. Pairing it with a leather jacket is one of my go-to look. I am currently collecting fedoras and I can't wait to have a bunch of them. Get yourself one, you won't regret it ;)
Source: Trop Rouge

4. A stylish knitwear

Not everybody likes wearing knitwears but I do. Especially when they have details like zippers, open back. My favourite knitwear 's colour are white, black, any shade of blue and pastel colours. It is very easy to wear.
Source: Song Of Style

5.  A Suede piece

I'm currently in love with the combo suede + fringe. 
Suede is such a chic texture and the fringes make it look funky. Olivia Palermo is wearing this combo so well, I really like the suede fringe midi skirt. I'm still looking for the perfect suede piece for myself, I will let you guys know.
Olivia Palermo

6. A classy tote bag

Just because it is convenient and you can put many things inside. It could be any colour, but the best is a one that matches with almost everything.
Calvin Klein bag

7. A comfy pair of sneakers

I recommend having at least one pair of sneakers. I have plenty of them, but these ones are my favourites. They are so comfy and light. Plus they are pretty unique :)  More details about these sneakers here.

8. A Burgundy outfit

What Fall would be without Oxblood?
Two years ago I went crazy with the oxblood trend, I bought several pieces; dress, knitwear, toque,...I still love Oxblood. So I am going to stick with it again this Fall. 

I hope this post is inspiring, feel free to share your opinion and let's get ready for Fall.

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