Calgary Stampede 2015 - Photo Diary


Times goes so fast, it has been almost a month now that the Calgary Stampede has ended and I finally have some time to tell you about it.
I didn't want Stampede to end because it is the time of the year when Calgary is on fire. The city is packed and everybody is having fun in the street until late night. It is a good vibe.

I have officially been living in Calgary for three years now and when I just arrived here, everybody was talking about Stampede. My reaction: What is it?

Tasnuva and I

The Calgary Stampede is a festival that celebrates western's heritage and the first day starts with a parade. The activities mainly take place in the Stampede park where you can enjoy rides and games, free outdoor shows and live music, visit exhibitions, eat tasty food, dance on the rhythm of country music, learn about the First Nations traditions, see a firework show every night and concerts at the Scotiabank Saddledome (I have to warn you that it's an expensive festival. Prepare a budget if not you will end up broke in just one day).
 Leo, Montse, Eunju, me and Jason
So being in Calgary for three years and still not understanding the spirit of Stampede made me promise myself to properly celebrate this event this summer. 
I made a budget and checked some tips on the internet to save money during Stampede. I went on the grounds on the fourth day with a friend who brought a friend who invited other friends. We were a bunch of people and we had so much fun all together like we knew each other for a long time.
We basically did lots of rides, ate again and again (love the mini donuts there), assisted outdoor shows, snapped pictures. 
It was exhausting and great at the same time. But I wasn't fully satisfied, I felt like something was missing. I was thinking of going back again. 

Then during the week I received a call from Virgin Mobile Canada (my mobile phone operator) telling me that I was one of the winners of the Blake Shelton Virgin Mobile Stampede Concert Series.
Woah!! (the kind of things you never think will happen to you even though you wish for it).
I entered the contest few months ago and I forgot about it.

Me and other winners were lucky to get a VIP experience that included meeting Blake Shelton and attending his concert at Scotiabank Saddledome with a pre-show meal, a backstage tour, a VIP access to Nashville North and the Virgin Mobile Members Lounge.
Us with Blake Shelton

As Stampede is all about the country vibe, I tried to look more like a western girl. It was hot that day and I regretted wearing jeans, I should have worn a denim short or skirt.
I made new friends, I enjoyed Blake Shelton concert, I danced all night at Nashville North, talked with strangers, watched the firework.
I am so thankful for these amazing moments, it was the best Stampede experience I ever had. 
Photos credit: Me & Tyler Stalman (so glad to meet him in person as I followed him on social media)

Thank you so much Virgin Mobile Canada.

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  1. You met Blake Shelton? Wow!! That is awesome! I don't know anything about the Stampede and your post let me peek a little into the festival and it sure looks out of the world massive. I want to try the mini donuts too, hehe :D

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    1. Yeah it was incredible. If someday you want to visit Calgary, come during Stampede time (first week of July) ;)

  2. Such fun pictures you shared here. I would like to attend such festival. I love to take rides, and so I am going to attend a fest at venue NYC with my family. I would love to be a part of the event. My family will enjoy the event that I am sure.


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