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Hi guys,
Tomorrow is August 15th and this date represents the independence of the Republic of the Congo known as Congo/Brazzaville or French Congo. For those who don't know, I am from the Congo and many people in the world don't know that there are two Congos (they have never been one country, maybe a kingdom many centuries ago). 
So I wanted to share with you some facts about my country Congo/Brazzaville.

Fact #1 The Congo River is the second largest river in the world after the Amazon River.

The Congo River runs through the Republic of the Congo and separates two capitals, in one side Brazzaville and the other side Kinshasa (DR Congo or ex Zaire). Check my previous post about it here.

A part of the Congo River; The Rapids, Brazzaville

Fact #2 We are fashionable.

Congolese people are known around the world for having interesting fashion tastes. We love being well dressed sometimes it is too much (I agree) but it is fun and you can choose to be simple. Fashion for us is Art, a way to entertain people, a passion, an identity. 
We have a sartorial culture called in French " La SAPE : Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes" (The Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People).
This movement is going viral. Guinness made a short documentary of the "Sapeurs" (check here). The singer Solange Knowles was inspired by the dandy style of the "Sapologues" for her music video "Losing You".
There are many videos on the internet about La SAPE and you can also find books like "S.A.P.E by Héctor Mediavilla" and "Gentlemen of Bacongo by Daniele Tamagni".

Fact #3 Beer is the national drink.

Congolese people love beer (probably more than the germans) and they like drinking local but also imported ones. If drinking was an Olympic sport we would probably be always the winners.
p.s: I don't drink beer :p
Primus, local beer - Photo: Blackbeautybag

Fact #4 We do not live in the jungle with gorillas, no.

This one is funny I know. Well in Congo we have cities and villages like anywhere else in the world. There are houses, hotels, cars, schools... and the funny thing is I have never seen a gorilla, a lion or an elephant in my entire life. Africa doesn't only mean forest or savannah. We have developed infrastructures, beautiful beaches and amazing sites to visit.

A neighbourhood in downtown Pointe-Noire
Around Pointe-Noire - Photo: Lost in Wander

View from Mayombe Tower, Pointe-Noire

Somewhere in the North of Brazzaville

Fact #5 We are one of the happiest people on Earth.

The population of the Republic of the Congo is estimated at 5 million of people and despite the facts that there are poverty, corruption and many other sad realities most African countries have, we are very welcoming and always happy. Celebrating is a weekly activity (we are good dancers too :)

I wish you to visit my country some day so you will have your own opinion of the Congo and not the idea the media show you. God bless the Congo.

Have a great weekend :)

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