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I am the type of person who believes that Dreams come true. 
I believe if God has planted dreams in our heart there must be a reason for it. We need to acknowledge our dreams, figure out our motives, then if they are good, go for it. But it is not that simple, the other part is to be bold enough to chase them.
Going to Hawaii was a dream come true for me.
When I was around ten years old back in Republic of the Congo, I saw a TV show where they give kids the opportunity to realize their dreams. 
There was that young blond girl (around my age at that time) that was being taught on how to surf by one famous surfers in Hawaii. I was so mesmerized by the beauty of the place that I recorded it via our VCR.  Everyday after school I watched the video and scanned every single detail of it so much that my brain absorbed two things: the colour of the ocean and the location name "Sunset Beach, Island of Oahu".
 After holding that vision tight in my heart, seventeen years later it became a reality.
You guys can imagine how excited I was when I booked my ticket to finally go to Hawaii. I took some time to research about the island through the internet. 
Hawaiian people are so gentle, the place itself is so welcoming. I had to pinch myself sometimes to believe that it was real.
Here are some images of Hanauma Bay my favourite place while visiting Oahu. 
The view is absolutely stunning, the wind was blowing strong that day, making the moment more magical. I felt at home, in peace and in complete admiration of God's wonders.
Everybody should go to Hawaii once a lifetime. The island inspired me in so many ways, it is a blessed land, probably a part of heaven on Earth. 
I still have many things to discover about Hawaii and that will be another adventure.
Photos by Eunice C. and I (no filter)

Never Stop Dreaming! @theblossommuse

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  1. You are such an inspiration to me. I love the way you enjoy every second of your life and try to accomplish your dreams. Living the life YOU want and not what others want. Congrats and keep doing what you are doing girl !

    1. <3 <3 Thank you so much. <3 <3

    2. so beautiful pictures and words.
      You are an inspirer. I can't wait to visit Hawaii 😆😆

    3. Thank you so much :) I wish you a great time there!


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