Best of 2014 Looks and Moments


The Blossom Muse 2014 Video Diary

2014 has been a blessing, I'm very grateful for every moment so I had the idea to make this short video to review some of my best memories. 
As you already know in Life everything isn't perfect, we should not compare ourself to others. 
I always say to my friends it is our own responsibility to create our happiness and I am myself learning to see every situations as opportunities and not as problems. So I'm just going to focus on the positive side.

It was a pleasure to be featured by Style Blazer(here) and Visitez l'Afrique (here), I visited beautiful places in Canada-US and I met very nice people.I just wanted to do a quick review of this amazing year.

My best looks

Some events





I hope 2015 hold more awesome moments for you and I.
Take care and see you next year!
- Love and Light -

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