Necklaces by Marcela Zafra


Marcela jewelry and accessories is a hand-crafted brand created to provide unique jewelry that inspire women to express their femininity and beauty. It is 100% made with Colombian materials and the designs offer a collection that is easy to wear and perfect for gifting.

Marcela and I, we met while volunteering for The Heart Truth Fashion Show Calgary last April. She is a talented and hard-working young woman, she makes all the jewels herself. I like the way she uses her creativity.
A few weeks ago we went to a park downtown and we took these pictures, we had so much fun and the weather was wonderful. 

Christmas time is around the corner and I think these statement necklaces could be a perfect gift. Visit the eShop, all the pieces are 10% off until the end of October. My favourites are the ones made with leather and rope. See more here.
How do you like them?

Dress: Asos

IG: @marcelazafra

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