Vichy and Pop of Red


Hi there,
I want to share with you this Summer vintage look. I love this Vichy dress, when I wear it I feel like a vintage actress, Elegant and Gracious. I bought it when I used to live in France and it is one of my favourite dresses for Summer.

A little bit of history
Gingham or Vichy is a type of simple, woven cotton or linen cloth. When originally imported into Europe, in the beginning of the 17th century, it was a striped fabric, though nowadays it is mostly know in its checkered pattern.
The colours are commonly blue/white or red/white. This breathable textile varies from medium to light-weight and can range from a very small, checked pattern to very large checks.

In the Netherlands it's called 'Brabants Rood'. English call it Gingham and in French it is called 'Vichy'. In Europe it is associated with the authentic, like country cuisine or a picknick. 

The French call it 'Vichy' since they feel it originated in the Vichy-region. 
In 1959, Brigitte Bardot (famous french actress) marries Jacques Charrier. on that particular day, she wore a robe that was especially created for her by couturier Jacques Estérel. It was a mix of pink and white. They consider this an event as from then the so-called Vichy-pattern became globally popular.

Brigitte Bardot has a cute retro clothing collection made with vichy, I tried one outfit during a showroom at Printemps Haussman Paris but I could not afford to get it.
I am glad I found this dress for a reasonable price. How do you like my Vichy dress?

Dress: New Yorker   |  Sandals: Aldo   |  Cherry Necklace: DIY by a friend

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  1. Super cute dress! Well styled. Loving the balloons. (:

    ♥ | | xoxo


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